Friday, March 12, 2010

Hi everybody

Been over a week since I last posted I apologize had mid-terms the last two weeks so I've been busy. Now it's spring break woo hoo which means a perfect time for a little fasting I'm excited I can't wait to start.

My parents are in Las Vegas for the weekend which gives me a much needed break from them and their constant nagging plus I get to drink openly instead of hiding bottles of Vodka and Gin under my bed. I'm not a big drinker anymore like when I started this blog I drank every night until I passed out or blacked out. Now I just have 1 or 2 drinks and now longer every night. Which is good because the last thing my fat ass needs is more calories. Another plus to no parents I don't have to pretend to eat which makes me so excited.

I talked to my sister tonight and I told her that I'm the reason she shouldn't have children. I'm a little pissed tonight because I'm watching Public Enemies which was filmed in Wisconsin which is Minnesota's neighbor (I was born, raised, and still live in Minnesota) but was denyed a part because I'm 5'10" and they were using actual clothing from the 30's which means that the women they used had to be 5'7" or shorter so I was denied a part. I could have worked with my idol Johnny Depp but was shot down. Being so close to working with your idol only to be told no makes you a little bitter. How do you get rid of the bitterness you drink your fucking brains out. Yeah I said I only had one or two drinks a night when I did drink but now that I'm watching this movie I got really angry and started drinking my beloved Vodka. Hopefully that it's just a sign that I'm meant for bigger and better things.

Sorry Naomi for not following through with my promises to catch up on your blog things just got crazy for me. Just remember I love you girl and I will catch up on your blog soon. This week is spring break so I have nothing better to do then bite the inside of my mouth to self harm and catch up on blogs.

Monday, March 1, 2010

I failed!!!

I cut myself today.