Monday, June 7, 2010

Not so cranky this week I hope

I've finally got this restricting thing back under control. Well not the complete control I once had but I know that I just have to give it time and I'll be back to things like fasting for a few days in no time. Getting back into restricting was the worst I was such a cranky bitch it was awful. Lots of warm water with 5 calorie cranberry mix. some diet coke and a bag or two of 100 calorie popcorn in the morning or around 5pm have helped stop the rumble of my tummy.

I am still having some difficulty though because when I lived on my own I kept very little to no food in my apartment but my parents have so much food and peanut butter *drools*. God I love peanut butter I don't even need bread to eat that shit just give me the jar and a spoon and I'm in heaven. Oops a little off subject there sorry. Anyway having so much food around is difficult for me because I swear it's like a magnet for me and pulls me in to it. I'm really looking for any advice people have to help with this I know many of you live with other people so have kitchens full of food also how do you deal with it?

I have to get going my mom will be home soon and if I look like I've been in bed all day there will be hell to pay I tell you what. Love you ladies stay strong.